Stylish memorabilia frames

Brampton Framing & Picture Gallery in Brampton, Huntingdon offers relevant and timely framing services for all types of sports memorabilia, medals and other precious memorabilia. If it’s precious to you it is important to us.

Sports memorabilia and 3D objects framing services

Do you have a collection, an item or memories in a drawer that need preserving and displaying? We can help. Here at Brampton Framing & Picture Gallery, we have a great deal of experience in memorabilia framing and are ideally placed to provide you with a quality service. Our talented team members have the expertise to frame almost all kinds of 3D objects from sports shirts to London poppies. We use the latest technology to create stunning memorabilia frames to showcase them. We enjoy a challenge!

We are able to frame:

Cricket bats and shirts
Football and rugby shirts
Medals and records
Boxing and golfing gloves
3D collages and scrabble boards
Babygros and christening gowns
Fans and whistles
Golf balls and jigsaws
Nails and shells
Prayer books and sugar flowers
Stained glass

A helpful, friendly framing service

Badges and buttons
Ballet shoes and hats
Beer mats and bottle tops
Bouquets and London poppies
Carpets and ceramic tiles
Cat collars and sharks teeth
Fishing rods and floats
Jewellery and watches
Papyrus and teddy bears
Snake skin

What else we can frame?

CDs and televisions
Coins and keys
Cycling shirts and shorts
Daggers and swords
Decorative icing
Drum skins and drum sticks

Choose from a range of frames

We offer a wide variety of techniques, frames and mounts to build a memorabilia frame for you and will be more than happy to offer expert advice. We can help you choose something that complements the items being framed. Feel free to contact a member of our team for additional information.
For football shirt framing services, call us on
01480 457 485