Expert mount cutting services in Huntingdon

Brampton Framing & Picture Gallery stocks quality mount boards that are available in different thicknesses and colours. Contact us for additional information.

We use the latest mount cutting machines for quick results

You can display more than one picture in a frame. This is done by cutting individual windows for each picture in a visually pleasing display. This gives you the opportunity to display a variety of images in one frame, such as holiday or family photos. We have seen the number of windows in our mounts range from 2 all the way up to 100!

Excitingly, we now have the facilities to create a variety of unique designs and apertures on your mounts! Visit the gallery to see what we can do!

What we offer:

Single and double mounts
Washlines on mounts
Multiple window mounts
Overlays and V-grooves
Shaped apertures
Calligraphy on mounts or in apertures
Numbers, letters and motifs cut into mounts
Debossing on mounts

Mounting services

If your artwork needs mounting or your family photo collection needs displaying, you can come to us. We have extensive knowledge of different mounting methods and will employ the right technique to ensure a professional finish. We can cut a mount to your exact specifications and fix the artwork using buffered and conservation quality tapes.
Call us today to learn more about our mount boards.
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